How To Turn Off Lte On Android
July 3, 2020 By thryveco Off

How To Turn Off Lte On Android

In this article I will cover how to turn off LTCO on Android. This is used for real time transmission of voice and text messages, rather than just in-flight connectivity.

There are two ways to turn off LTCO. First you can do it manually in the Android Settings by going to Display and checking “noise reduction”. If you have a bad connection to your carrier then you may also get an error message saying “network unavailable”. If this happens, just re-connect and you’re good to go.

The second way to turn off LTCO is to first open the Android browser and type “Settings” in the search box. You should find the Network settings section. Click on the radio button next to “Static reduce”. Then click “Save” when prompted.

The last thing to do is to reboot your phone. This will cause the LTCO software to be replaced with the mobile operator’s software.

Do note that your phone might automatically install a new software update if you reboot your phone. You have to make sure that you always remove the old updates manually from the phone.

Now to turn off LTCO on Android, all you have to do is open the Google Chrome browser on your phone and click on the LTCO icon. Once you click on the icon, the option to turn off LTCO will appear.

With the LTCO turned off, your phone will now be able to communicate with your carrier via the same network. It will use your existing network connection, whether WiFi or mobile data. With LTCO turned off, you won’t need to pay a separate SIM card fee, as your phone can communicate directly with your carrier.

I hope you found this how to turn off LTCO on Android useful. You will now be able to use your mobile phone as if it were always connected to your carrier.